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DAWSUN Africa Leadership Academy (DALA)

The DALA is a range of bi-monthly leadership programmes and activities that we run at our BAME organisation for members and the general public. Activities include seminars, workshops and discussions with experts in African affairs and leadership.

DALA aims to enhance women’s leadership in business, and encourage the critical role that the diaspora has in Africa’s development. The leadership academy also trains, mentors, develops and supports the next generation of African women leaders both in Africa and abroad. DALA provides ongoing support for women and girls to overcome inequality and fulfil their potential.


BAME CIC in Glasgow, Scotland. Africa Leadership Academy 2



BAME CIC in Glasgow, Scotland. Young Girl's Leadership Project 2.

Young Girl’s Leadership Project (YGLP)

The goal of the YGLP is to improve female leadership in business, as well as support the role of the diaspora in developing Africa. To meet that objective, we run bi-monthly leadership programmes and activities for members and the general public. Past events have included seminars, workshops and discussions with leading figures in African affairs.

The leadership academy also trains, mentors, develops and prepares future female African leaders. DALA supports women and helps young girls to overcome inequality and fulfill their potential.

Some of the topics YGLP have covered:

  • Speaking, communicating and presenting skills
  • Organisation and decision making
  • Self-confidence, social responsibility and global awareness
  • Developing empathy, creating a vision and motivating others


International Partnership for Africa’s Development (I-PAD)

At DAWSUN we believe that the myriad social and economic challenges facing the African continent can be solved by the people in Africa, in partnership with global developmental institutions. We believe that the continent must look inward to devise its own path to prosperity and sustainable development.

DAWSUN’s I-PAD forum is an annual event that brings together more than 50 leading experts in government and academia from all over the world. Speakers deliver high quality research, policy recommendations and expert analysis on a full range of public policy issues and developmental challenges facing Africa and the African diaspora.

The I-PAD forum aims to attract in-depth research from members and the general public that leads to new ideas for solving problems facing our host society and the African continent.

One of the biggest ways that DAWSUN helps to change the world is by supporting the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). There are 17 SDGs that aim to make the world a better place in 2030 and cover everything from clean energy to zero hunger.

DAWSUN’s I-PAD forum provides a platform to discover innovative research and disseminate implementable solutions that can help the UN achieve its goals in the following areas:

  • Eradicating poverty and hunger
  • Improving health and well-being
  • Delivering high-quality education
  • Reducing inequalities
  • Increasing affordable and clean energy
  • Increasing job opportunities and economic growth
  • Supporting strong and peaceful institutions


BAME CIC in Glasgow, Scotland. International Partnership for Africa's Development 2.


BAME CIC in Glasgow, Scotland. This is My Africa Project 2.

This Is My Africa Project (TMAP)

TMAP is a cultural project that promotes the cultural heritage of people of African descent who are living and thriving in the UK. We achieve this through a series of African cultural events that promote dance, folklore, food and craft.

We also organise projects at our BAME community organisation that seek to make sense of the relationships that Africa is building with the rest of the world. TMAP produces documentaries that trace African history for a Scottish audience. We also use this platform to promote African fabrics and fashion shows that amplify the contributions of the African community within the Scottish economy.


Financial Services Hub PROJECT MINT (Sponsored by NSI-COMIC RELIEF Funding)

Financial services have traditionally been a male-dominated sector with relatively few women taking up roles. Despite several initiatives that were designed to redress the imbalance, it seems things have not improved significantly. Our desk research suggests that it is not only women who have struggled to make it into leadership roles in this sector. For instance, individuals within the BAME community hold only 1 in 10 management jobs in the UK, and just 1% of Britain’s fund managers are black, according to the Investment Association.

At DAWSUN, we believe that progress can be made in this area when underrepresented individuals are empowered with the right skillsets to compete within the financial services sector. Knowledge represents the most critical key to success in all aspects of financial services, which is why we advocate Mentoring, Internship, Networking and Training (MINT) as essential parts of meeting these new talent demands. The Financial Services Education (FSE) hub focuses on cultivating a diverse pipeline of talent through our MINT initiative.




Voices Within (Researching the Impact of the COVID-19 within the BAME Community)

Voices Within aims to understand the economic impact of the COVID-19 outbreak amongst minority ethnic households in Scotland. The pandemic imposes an additional burden on ethnic minorities who are already dealing with a vicious cycle of structural barriers and disadvantages. The survey provides an opportunity to get input from broad perspectives and voices representing the current lived experiences of ethnic minority households.


Tutoring for Success: Bridging the Attainment Gap in Scottish Secondary Education

Tutoring for Success project aims at Bridging the Poverty-Related Attainment Gap within Scotland's Secondary Education. The aim is to support the educational needs of learners from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds through the establishment of small-group tuition and study-support groups. With the average rate for a private tutor session between £30 and £42 per hour in Scotland, it is not an option for the families we support. We are leveraging the power of volunteer tutors to bridge the Poverty-Related attainment gaps in English language, Mathematics, Science, and Commercial Subjects.

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